Shunox is a startup established on the ideology of providing utmost care & comfort to the Human Foot. Based on the concept of customization, our primary agenda is to make people aware about the common foot problems in their everyday lives & to provide a comfortable & economical solution for the same.

Based on the complex structure of the Human Foot, we have developed a Foot Scanner upon which when you stand bare foot & scan the sole of your foot, it provides us details of your foot structure enabling us to customize Shoe & Insole best suited for your foot type.

Once the scanning is done, you can check the design & colour of footwear of your choice in our website & give order to purchase it. After receving your order, we create it in a way which is most appropriate for your foot type.

With a vision & mission to eliminate the foot problems, Shunox aims to provide its customers with best of the best shapes which delivers maximum comfort & simultaneously replicates the statement of modern fashion


Manual of Shoemaking


Shoes and How They are Made