Shoe Essentials


                                                          Shoe Essentials

People are always searching for footwear which can provide comfort to their foot & prevent foot pain. The answer lies in finding shoe essentials which are unique to your foot & get a truly customized shoe & orthotics to meet your foot-care needs  
Shunox® uses scanner made with cutting edge technology to analyze your foot-Base type & structure & recommend the ideal customized orthotics to be fitted inside shoes for your needs. This customized footwear provides cushioning from shock absorption caused due to heel strike, maintains proper body balance, pressure redistribution, metatarsal support, arch support, and control over-pronation.
Recommended by doctors & pedorthists, these shoes prevent most of common foot problems & give you unmatched comfort.


1st Essential: Foot length, Width & Instep girth of your foot

Sometimes people buy shoe that is tight fitted which can cause painful foot conditions. A customized shoe with correct foot length, width & thickness of your foot girth is essential to provide unmatched comfort in feet.

 2nd Essential: Arch type-Low, Medium or High

Identifying your arch type is an important aspect for a healthy foot. For example, people with flat feet have very different footwear needs than those with higher arches. Lack of arch support may cause multiple foot problems. Foot scanner accurately analyzes your arch type which may be low, medium or high & recommend appropriate orthotics to prevent inflammation of fibrous tissue in the bottom of foot, pain in knee, ankle & lower back etc.

Low Arch (Flat Feet)

Characteristics: Foot with very flexible arch that collapses & sits low to the ground.
Potential Problems: Over-pronation, plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, medial knee problems
Prevention: Orthotics should incorporate medial wedge and arch support to keep the foot aligned & control over-pronation

Medium Arch Feet

Characteristics: Biomechanically efficient, moderately flexible foot & defined arch
Potential Problems: Susceptible to common foot problems such as heel pain & metatarsalgia from repetitive stress, thinning of cushion and improper fitting shoe
Treatment: Medium arched orthotics fitted inside the shoe with good cushioning and shock absorbing materials will give comfort and prevent common foot pain.

High Arch Feet

Characteristics:Very rigid foot with an arch that sits higher from the ground causing excessive pressure on heel & metatarsal area
Potential Problems: Planter Fasciitis, Heel pain syndrome, Arch strain & metatarsalgia.
Treatment: Orthotics should have a strong arch support with metatarsal & Heel cushioning properties


3rd Essential: Heel Alignment due to cupping of Insole

Foot problem: Unaligned heel causing misbalance & pain in knee, hips & back
Causes: Wearing a shoe with incorrect gripping leading to ….
Prevention: wearing shoe with heel cupped insole to keep the foot as close to the Subtalar neutral position as possible. This will also help to reduce the excessive pressure on Knee, Hips & Back.


4Th Essential: Shoe with narrow toe area

Foot problem: Bunion,Inflammation, blisters, swelling and prominent bump on the foot around the big toe joint
Causes: Usually from wearing tight & narrow shoe with a constrictive toe box
Prevention: Wear shoe with wide toe box area


5th Essential: Heel & Metatarsal pressure points

Definition: Extreme discomfort & pain underneath heel or in the forefoot region
Causes: Over use of shoe with poor cushioning & excessive pressure on heel or metatarsal area due to various reasons. Usually such people avoid standing for long duration & may have numb pain in foot most of the time
Treatment: Foot scanner identifies the area of specific pressure causing discomfort & the orthotics is modified in such a way to relieve the pressure.
Another remedy is to use orthotics with heel cups or cradles to absorb shock & use elevation pads to reduce pressure on heel. For forefoot use met-pads to reduce pressure